Effective Corrections Programmes

Fiona Cram, Leonie Pihama, Matewiki Karehana and Tim McCreanor

Funder: Department of Corrections

Year: 1999

The over-representation of Māori among those who are incarcerated in penal institutions (including community probation) has long been of concern to Māori communities. It is now understood that a wider focus on community involvement in the (re)habilitation of Māori is necessary. This has been a catalyst for attempts at direct proactive intervention for Māori. Some of these attempts have recognised the need for developing programmes that incorporate Māori philosophies into the rehabilitative framework of the corrections process. Others have suggested that Māori need to have control over the entire corrections process for the needs and concerns of Māori to be adequately addressed.

This report is the outcome of an evaluation of the Department of Correction's a framework for Effective Corrections Programmes for Māori. The research incorporated a Kaupapa Māori framework and methodology in the way the evaluation was designed and implemented. The aim of the evaluation was to examine the match between the proposed elements in the framework and stakeholder views on effective programmes.

Fiona Cram,
31 Jul 2012, 15:01