Research with Vulnerable Māori

Marginalisation Project

Protocols for Research with Vulnerable and Marginalised Māori

Katoa Ltd

Funder: Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga

Timeframe: 2003-04

Individuals with particular expertise in varying fields were invited to prepare papers that critically examined what notions of marginalisation, exclusion and inclusion might mean for Māori. These papers then initiated and stimulated further discussion amongst researchers, key informants and agencies, who believed they work with ‘marginalised’ groups. The hui that were held provided advice and guidelines for Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga and other research entities about how to proceed in an ethical and appropriate manner when establishing relationships with marginalised groups. This is crucial to the development of any subsequent programme/s seeking to address the research needs of these groups. The papers that were written were:

Researching in the margins: Issues for Māori researchers - A discussion paper  Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Talking ourselves up  Fiona Cram

Theorizing marginality and the processes of marginalisation  Tracey McIntosh 

He muka no te taura whiri  Lyn Waymouth

Being Tangata Whenua in Aotearoa in the 21st Century  Cherryl Smith

Who determines what story is told? – Narratives of marginalisation  Adreanne Ormond

From kaitiaki to branch officers: The bureaucratisation of whakapapa  Eileen Clarke

Researching our relations: Reflections on ethics and marginalisation  Adreanne Ormond, Fiona Cram & Lyn Carter

These papers were published in a 2006 Special edition of Alternative, An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples. Contact Fiona ( if you'd like more information.