Māori Health Research Hui

Organiser: Fiona Cram, Katoa Ltd

Funder: Māori Health Directorate, Ministry of Health

Timeframe: 2005, 2006

Journeys in Māori Health Research, August 2006

On the 9 August 2006 the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC), held a hui at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, for emerging and experienced Māori health researchers. This hui preceded the HRC’s Hui Whakapiripiri (10-11 August 2006).

The day’s theme was ‘Journeys in Māori Health Research’. The whakataukī (traditional saying) urges travellers towards their destination – ‘With the sharp eye of the white-breasted tit, and its quick feet, a distant land will soon be gained’. The purpose of the day was for speakers and audience members to share their experiences of Māori health research from a personal perspective as journeyers. So rather than the usual conference presentations that focus on the method and findings of research, the day was about the learnings and insights that the researchers themselves had gained from undertaking Māori health research.

Over 130 people registered for and attended the hui. The day was organised with two panels of speakers. The first, in the morning, shared their journeys of how they had arrived at their current place and what they were currently working on. In the afternoon the second panel of speakers talked about their experiences of making the results of research matter – within the academy, advocacy, and policy. Each speaker was also asked to touch upon whānau ora, the theme of Hui Whakapiripiri, in order to provide some introductory thoughts for the subsequent two days. In addition, Dr Ricci Harris presented the research on racism that she had been involved with while she was at the Ministry of Health.

The day was facilitated by Mr Tū Williams. The hui began with a whakatau and concluded with a wrap-up of the day by Mr Williams and final thoughts from participants.

Whakatātaka Hui, April 2005

The Ministry’s workshop on Whakatātaka had three main objectives:

  • To begin a conversation with Māori health researchers about the Ministry’s Māori health research priorities for the next 5-10 years,
  • To facilitate the networking of Māori health researchers, both among themselves and with the Ministry, and
  • To enable Māori health researchers to attend the Ministry of Statistics IAOS satellite meeting ‘Measuring Small and Indigenous Populations, 14-15 April 2005, at Te Papa, Wellington.

Just over fifty people (not including Ministry of Health employees) attended the Workshop, with over forty of the attendees coming from outside Wellington. Attendees came from universities, District Health Boards, Māori and Iwi health provider organisations, and private research organisations.

Mr Tū Williams facilitated the workshop. He welcomed attendees and began the day with a karakia.

The day’s programme consisted of three main components: Introduction and mihimihi, morning panel presentation and discussion, and afternoon panel presentation and discussion