Maori & Housing

Finding the Best Fit: Downsizing and Older People in a Changing Society, 2014-16

The project was led by Kay Saville-Smith, CRESA, with the research team including Dr Bev James, Professor Larry Murphy, Dr Michael Rehm, and Dr Fiona Cram.

In September 2013 we received news of the success of our public-good science fund research application, Finding the Best Fit: Housing, Downsizing and Older People in a Changing Society.

This research was about the practicalities of ‘downsizing’ housing and older people’s functional and financial independence and wellbeing. It was about the decisions older people make about their housing for retirement, and the things that influence these decisions. They may choose to downsize, stay in their current home, move to another location, move home, or move closer to their marae – or perhaps some combination of these and other options. Their decisions might depend on whānau commitments, access to health care, marae and hapū connections and responsibilities, financial circumstances, and other considerations. These are the things this research project explored.

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