Conclusion - He mihi mutunga

It's a long time since I was a beginner researcher. Yet in many ways each new research project takes me back to a new beginning and a new journey of re-searching. This journey is about consulting and talking with many sorts of experts whose views and experiences add immensely to the kete (basket) that contains my research plan. It is about deciding which methods will best help answer the questions that those consulted have identified as important. And it's about analysing data from a position of strength and a fundamental view that being Māori is the best thing ever. Writing about something called 'research for beginners' is about reminding (re-minding) myself about steps that help ensure that a research project is a Kaupapa Māori research project. So if you're following these steps, you can be reassured that with each new research project I'm walking that same pathway and hoping to learn from those who journey with fresh eyes and new questions that I haven't thought of yet.