Researching with Whānau Collectives

Research methods to capture whānau realities

Research methods to capture whānau realities

Research Summary

This research worked collaboratively with stakeholders (including policy writers, researchers and whānau) to search out research methods that capture the fullness and interconnectedness of Māori collectives. These methods were examined for their credibility and possible use within Kaupapa Māori (by Māori, for Māori) research on whānau, as well as their potential to contribute to policy related to whānau well-being and aspirations. The resulting account of research methods will inform researchers, evaluators, government agencies and whānau themselves about ways in which the lives and realities of whānau might be well-represented by research and, in turn, in whānau-related policy.


Fiona Cram & Vivienne Kennedy


Vivienne Kennedy & Fiona Cram


Fiona Cram


Vivienne Kennedy


Vivienne Kennedy


Bernadette Jones, Tristram R. Ingham, Cheryl Davies, Fiona Cram


Wendy Henwood, Jasmine Pirini, Aroha Harris