Lessons About Indigenous Evaluation

Conclusion: Lessons About Indigenous Evaluation

Fiona Cram


This last chapter draws together the key lessons from chapter authors for strengthening Indigenous evaluation (IE). These lessons are about evaluators acknowledging Indigenous sovereignty and building genuine relationships with Indigenous peoples. They are about the development of mutual respect between evaluators and Indigenous peoples and evaluators’ commitment to eval- uation collaborations in Indigenous contexts, including the commitment to sharing knowledge and strengthening Indigenous evaluation capacity. From this foundation, evaluators might then represent Indigenous peoples well and produce evaluations that serve a larger decolonization agenda that is essen- tial for the sustainability, resilience, vitality, and very existence of Indigenous peoples. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., and the American Evaluation Association.

Citation: Cram, F. (2018). Conclusion: Lessons about Indigenous evaluation. In F. Cram, K. A. Tibbetts, & J. LaFrance (Eds.), Indigenous Evaluation. New Directions for Evaluation, 159, 121–133.